Focus and Priorities
Focus and Priorities

3 months ago

My accountability statement: To post a new blog post at least twice a month, upload a video/vlog at least once a month to my YouTube channel, and share something to IG at least once a week. Shouldn't be too hard, right?   Hello, My name is Arriana and "Creative". I'm a photographer,  a cinematographer, a techie, a writer, a video gamer, a music lover, a[...]

Phew, I made it

8 months ago

I did it. I finally did it. I published my website. I picked a platform, learned the interface, navigated the roadblocks and did the thing. I'm content with my accomplishment.  My gallery is modest but sufficient as a starting point. I have some of my videos and a working Contact page. The perfectionist in me is fidgety but if I wait till it's perfect it'll[...]