Hello, My name is Arriana and “Creative”.

I’m a photographer,  a cinematographer, a techie, a writer, a video gamer, a music lover, a painter, and designer of sorts.  A consumer of graphic novels, (audio) books, comic books, and soon maybe even pod casts.  I work a 9-5 at a Start-up where I manage two complicated buildings and a part time gig as a wine cellar steward. I’m also a low-key fitness enthusiast and an avid learner.

What all of this ultimately culminates to, is a nagging feeling of frustration. Constantly thinking about all the things I want to do but don’t have time for.

About 6 months ago I completely invested myself in propelling my photography. I built this website, even paid for advertising (what a waste) and started looking for more clients.

Separately, I started putting together a short film series for YouTube. Allow me to list the hats I’ll be wearing for this project: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Wardrobe, Props, Location Scout (and probably more). Might as well call me Dobby.

Then I started looking into the “best” path for getting my work exposed and building a presence online. It’s so easy to get sidetracked when trying to figure out how to go about it all. It’s easy to allow the suggestions of those who’ve found their success to become the path you want to take.

So there I was trying to build a blog, while trying to build a YouTube channel, while trying to plan IG posts for both my photography and my art, but all without a real sense of direction. My work was everywhere and my focus was scattered. My mind was (and still usually is) a whirlwind of aspiration, desires, and unmet goals. Trying to navigate through all those big decisions felt defeating – which platforms to use, what content to share, either to keep my projects separate or merge them all into one giant entity – so many damn choices!

Then I got the “day job” and everything got put on hold. My website lay abandoned and I haven’t put up a new video in about that much time. Working 6 days a week has left me with little time to make significant progress on any of my passion projects. My evenings are generally spent recovering from an exhausting day at work along side my companion and my pooch. My sole day off is for shopping, exercising,  sometimes visiting his family, etc. Spending time on smaller enjoyments like video games feels like a pipe dream.

Thankfully the world is vast and the internet is full of wonderful people creating beautiful content, and I am inspired anew.

In an attempt to leave fewer hobbies abandoned I intend to give each weekday a different purpose, so maybe Monday evenings could be Video Game day, Tuesdays are devoted to this website, Wednesdays are for my Etsy shop, Thursdays are who knows what.

Although my focus will be  sharing my photography, my goal for the short film series is to start filming in September. I still have much to do, so I will probably prioritize that for now. I’ll make videos when I have interesting content to share and time to film/edit it.

You can do irrefutably impossible things with the right amount of planning and support from intelligent and hardworking people and pizza.” – Scott M. Gimple


Now please enjoy these unrelated but relaxing photos as a thank you for reading the post. Next time there will be more cohesion between the content and the photos, I promise!

 (These are from a recent trip down to Belmond Maroma. I wish I were there now)