Lilly O.
“I’ve never really felt super comfortable being in front of a camera, but my career unfortunately requires the frequent use of a photographer. Arriana made what could easily been a boring or stressful situation truly enjoyable. Her apartment has a very relaxed, informal feel, from the refreshments to the music that played in the background. She has a great eye for what looks good on film, and was able to guide me in different ways of positioning myself to be flattering in the shot. The make-up artist she brought in for me did a fantastic job, too. Would highly recommend!”

Samantha V.
“Awesome experience!!!!! Very laid back & comfortable environment. For me, it’s the little things that count. She asked me what music I wanted to listen to & made me feel comfortable. Arriana is easy to work with while being professional. Thank you for capturing me so well. You have an amazing eye & I love that you caught me as I am. You took my crooked nose, messy hair, the bags under my eyes & made it art. I especially love how through all my flaws, my faith in the cross still comes through. You caught the essence of me & I love how the photos came out. Thank you!”

ChiChi D.
“I don’t enjoy having my picture taken. When I worked with Arriana, she could see how nervous/anxious I was about the whole process and began to make me feel more comfortable. She talked with me to get to know me. She would make a few jokes or ask me to talk about myself. I didn’t even realize she was taking so many photos because we were sharing stories with each other, it became more like a conversation between friends and I felt relaxed. The result were snapshots of me with facial expressions I’d never otherwise have captured in a photo ( I can’t remember laughing in a photo, I’m self conscious about my smile and she captured me mid-mirth!!! )”
“She has a very calm and relaxed manner, and is also very focused and tenacious with her work. I’m going back for LinkedIn headshots with her, and I’m really looking forward to the stress free environment she provides! Thank you Arriana!! (Also, her dog is adorable and she has cool geeky art in her studio)

Matthew F.
I am a filmmaker whose worked with Arriana on a number of video/film productions. She has been my cinematographer for nearly three years now, and the time I’ve spent working with her has been amazing and enlightening. Arriana possesses a great eye for imagery and quick mind for good ideas. She is also able to bring out the best out in people and make them feel open and comfortable. Ms. Vasquez is fully dedicated to performing a job well done and leaving those she’s committed to producing work for, completely satisfied. I enjoy collaborating with Arriana and give her my utmost and highest recommendation.”

Kevin F.
“I have worked with Arriana Vasquez many times and she truly is a great photographer. She always is a great DP for my film projects from Forte Films Entertainment. Arriana has a great eye for photography, very professional and easy to work with. I truly recommend her work to anyone who wants to have a great photographer or DP for their projects. Keep up the excellent work, Arriana! You’ll always have my support.”